Fair trade cooperatives

Fair trade is the heart of our convictions

At Bjorg, Bonneterre & Compagnie we actively take part in supporting agricultural supply chains in developing countries. Latin America, Asia, Africa. We work with dozens of cooperatives to develop products that respect human lives and the environment. Yes, we favour fair trade practices through our brands such as Alter Eco, Bonneterre, Clipper, Le Sillon, Destination and Naturéla.

Pioneer and leader with Alter Eco

Alter Eco was the pioneer company for fair trade production. It now supports 28 cooperatives in 22 countries, and as such aids 3,316 families. Alter Eco stand side-by-side with their partners, closely accompanying them throughout their development. In Peru, the company participates in a training project where young people learn to become agricultural producers with a view towards taking over their family lands. In Mexico, by financing the massive plantation of certain varieties of blight-resistant coffee plants, Alter Eco has helped coffee producers to eradicate a harmful fungus and to continue on with their activity.

Assistance to thousands of families

Clipper teas, and also Bonneterre teas and chocolates, all come from fair trade production practised in developing countries like Peru, Ecuador or Sri Lanka. Thanks to this alternative commerce, the Narandino cacao cooperative in Peru helps to improve the daily lives of 6,600 families of producers.

A concrete support to the Southern

In 2014, Le Sillon got involved alongside the Coopake cooperative in Burkina Faso, that dries and packages fresh mangos. Le Sillon financially supported the renovation of a production plant, so as to increase productivity and meet European food safety standards. The cooperative can now export their mangos towards new markets without the need for intermediaries and can generate better revenue for the producers.