French organic supply chains

Develop long-term partnerships

We develop long-term partnerships with local French producers. Yes, we believe that building a long-lasting and sustainable relationship grants us a greater capacity to move forward, together. We have been in partnerships with the majority of our French suppliers for more than 10 years. More than a simple commercial exchange, we want to reward the conscientious work of our producers and processors with fair payment and always be willing to listen to their proposals.

Bonneterre example

It is notably in this way that we collaborate with the Loire-Atlantique charcuterie supply chain thanks to Bonneterre. The charcuterie range is prepared according to local and artisanal know-how, using organic pigs raised in France’s Centre region and its neighbouring departments. All the parts of the animal are processed by artisan Master Charcutiers who take great pride in carrying out their trade following the rules of their professional practice. The advantage of such a partnership is truly knowing our supplier so as offer the best to our consumers.

Give meaning to our actions

By supporting French supply chains, we promote the value of regional products and recipes that highlight traditional expertise. We also help preserve local jobs. We limit the transportation of raw agricultural materials and as such we are able to guarantee complete traceability to our consumers . Yes, at Bjorg, Bonneterre & Compagnie, our transparency illustrates our strong values of trust and respect on which we base our daily activities.