Because through changing our everyday food choices, we can change the world.

Our company has been able to show the way and remain the market leader for organic products.
Since the creation of Distriborg, our expertise has worked towards developing innovative brands, in addition to quality product ranges, that live up to the expectations of consumers.

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Our brands

Our company

Offering products that are committed to being genuine alternatives to the dominant model.
For more than 40 years, our business has combined economic growth and sustainable development by proposing products that are truly meaningful and full of flavour.

organic brands.

dietetic brands.

international food brands.

new products produced each year, of which more than 80% are organic.

Protecting our environment also figures at the heart of our company project.
Since 2007 we have dedicated ourselves to a comprehensive environmental approach in order to optimise our natural resource consumption and limit potential pollution linked to our activities and sites.

Our commitments