Alternative foods for everybody !

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For all those looking for organic foods that are full of flavour and respect for nature.

For all those searching for nutritional balance and a sense of daily well-being.

For all those who wish to discover original and faraway flavours.

For more than 45 years we have done our best to be there for you, with a large range of products available in both major retailers and specialist healthfood stores.


Major retailers
80% of our activity

Bjorg & Compagnie manages the distribution of our food products for medium to large-scale retailers.


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Specialist healthfood stores
20% of our activity

Our business entity Bonneterre & Compagnie offers this network a wide range of dietary products that are exclusively organic and devoted to their clients. This activity is developed mainly through Bonneterre’s own brands and includes a few private labels.

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Bjorg: The leader in organic products sold in major retailers
Alter Eco: The pioneer brand for fair trade practices
Clipper: Delicious, fair & organic teas
Naturéla: Fair trade and organic products made affordable to more consumers


Bonneterre: Organic until the last drop, for more than 50 years
Evernat: Organic solutions for the whole family
Le Sillon: Organic dried fruits passionately selected
Tartex: The benchmark for vegetarian products
Allos: Specialist in naturally original flavours
Destination: Organic teas and coffees that send your senses around the globe

Gayelord Hauser: Nutritional products for a more beautiful life

Vivis: The experts in “healthy sugars”

Yunnan Tuocha: Healthy teas cultivated with ancestral Chinese knowledge



Tanoshi: The ambassador brand for Japanese cuisine

Tien Shan: Practical products making Asian cuisine easier

Krisprolls: Creator of Swedish grilled toasts

Kara: Specialist in coconut-based products

Skippy: Authentic American peanut butter

Patak’s: Expert in Indian flavours