Our philosophy

Our manifesto

At Bjorg, Bonneterre & Compagnie, we have strived for more than 45 years to pass on to others the desire to change their everyday food choices and to eat organic.

Yes, we represent an alternative path to those marked out by the dominant dietary model:
We believe that good products are even better when they respect the environment.
We create healthy products in order to live in harmony with our bodies.
We help you discover dishes from faraway lands, sending your taste buds on a trip around the globe.
We encourage a wealth of flavour and support our producers.
Everyday we bring together our strengths and our enthusiasm to consolidate economic success with social responsibility.
We progress innovatively for you, for our Earth and for all those who cultivate it.
Yes, day after day, we can further great ambitions by assembling everyone together at the table.
We are Bjorg, Bonneterre & Compagnie,
and we believe that through changing our way of eating we can contribute towards changing our world. Together.

Our vision

Because choosing more natural and organic foods contributes towards protecting both the environment and human lives.

Because choosing foods that are more respectful to agricultural producers contributes to a fairer world.

Because choosing healthier and more balanced foods contributes to improving the health of populations.

Because choosing more diverse foods contributes to creating a world that is more open to other cultures.

For all these reasons, we believe that by changing the foods we eat we can all contribute towards changing the world. Together.

Our mission

To inspire people to change their everyday food choices and to eat organic.

Our values


We give our best and go above and beyond to offer quality products and an enjoyable shopping experience to all our clients. We wish to remain simple and pragmatic regarding the solutions that we implement. Our knowledge and our professionalism are devoted to our ambition.


We are both skillful and creative, and we are not afraid to take risks. We are convinced that our daring and our capacity to be innovative will enable us to create solutions for tomorrow.


We work to protect the environment and to preserve our planet’s resources. We also work for the well-being of humanity. For all those with whom we collaborate, for all those who cultivate the soil and for all those who consume its fruits. We wish to build a relationship based on trust with each and every one of them.


We encourage teamwork, sharing and communication to create a professional environment that is enjoyable, pleasant and above all convivial. By working together and by uniting our strengths through goodwill, we will go further, be more innovative and be more inspired. Our collaborators are above all women and men who are dedicated to accompanying the greatest number of people along the path to alternative foods.