The manufacture of our products

On top of our distribution role, we conceive 20% of our product range at our European production sites. As a result, we control and master each step of the production, from the selection of raw materials to the packaging. It is essential for us to guarantee the best quality and the traceability of our products.

Our production sites equally reflect our will to protect the environment. Wherever possible, we use green energy to power our manufacturing plants and the cardboard for our packaging comes from responsibly managed forests.



Our alternative milks production plants in Italy

In both Viadana and Badia Polesine, our production plants are equipped with the latest technology, allowing us to produce plant-based milks from soy, almonds and oats that retain their nutritional qualities. We oversee each manufacturing stage in order to guarantee the traceability of the products and to control their quality. Moreover, our production plants also reflect our resolution to protect the environment. Our plant milks are packaged in cardboard derived from responsibly managed forests, and we have also created a virtuous cycle for wastewater treatment that enables us to naturally produce gas and electricity on site in Viadana. This “green” energy is then reused by our alternative milks production plant.

Our organic tea and infusions production plant in the UK

Our production plant is located in the Dorset region. For 30 years now, it is here that our flavoursome arrays of organic teas have been created. James, our tea expert, begins by researching the best tea gardens around the world. Next, Daniel our Master Tea maker, blends tea leaves with other ingredients that have been carefully selected, such as flowers, fruits and spices. In this way, he prepares subtle and perfectly matched flavour alliances.

Dorset - UK

Bordeaux - France

Our roasting site in France

Our Bordeaux based production plant is where we import raw materials, carefully selected from across the world, using short food supply channels (SFSCs). We process and roast the raw products to bring out their organoleptic properties. We then prepare harmonious and flavoursome mixes according to local and artisanal know-how.

Our organic vegetable terrine production plant in Germany

This production site is located in Freiburg, a city reputed for its commitment to sustainable development. Each production stage has been studied in order to limit waste and inefficient energy use. Moreover, the energy used to make our terrines is 100% clean. It comes from either hydro, solar or biomass sources.

Freiburg - Germany

Drebber - Germany

Our organic honey production site in Germany

At the heart of the forest, in Drebber is where we select and package our honey.
Our bee-keeping partners harvest their honey on protected lands. All our honeys are cold-pressed. We then process them in our workshops by clarifying and liquefying them. With 30 years of technical expertise, we guarantee the nutritional quality and taste of the honey carefully sealed in our jars.