Our team

More than just a united team

Our team is composed of men and women who are all motivated by the same desire to progress further along the path of alternative foods.
Our 450 collaborators are the real actors on the corporate scene, evolving within a participatory working environment where everyone has a say in the matter.
In Lyon, Rungis, Bordeaux and across the whole field, each person invests their knowledge and goodwill into serving Bjorg, Bonneterre & Compagnie’s mission.


Key figures

450 collaborators

94% of staff on permanent contracts

10% of employees have chosen to go part-time


  • Jean-Mathieu Lagarde

  • Laurence Beck

  • Claudine Banzet

  • Philippe Brigant

  • Abdellah Dourou

  • Franck Quinat

  • Guillaume Lecomte

  • Elisabeth Caseau

  • Daniel Tirat

  • Alexandra Zivy

And that begins with our management committee.

  • Organic Marketing Director
    My heart is set on giving meaning to my work. Creating brands that are healthy for our consumers and respectful of our environment is an extremely motivating factor for me each day.
  • Development Director
    Passionate about nutrition and conscientious of environmental concerns, I am convinced that through changing our dietary habits, we can change the world! And I am very pleased to be taking action alongside my colleagues everyday in support of a sustainable dietary model.
  • Sourcing Director
    I am proud to take action towards developing solid collaborations with our partners, who enable us to create innovative, healthy and responsible products.
  • Operations Director
    As a manager, my primary driving force has always been meaning. And what better meaning can I give to my actions, via my role within Bjorg, Bonneterre et Compagnie, than committing to defending our future planet, that belongs to our children!
  • Human Resources Director
    I have always endeavoured to protect nature, and I have a special connection to the earth. Working with Bjorg, Bonneterre et Compagnie was an obvious choice for me. My mission withinBjorg, Bonneterre et Compagnie is to assist our company's growth, all while building a new HR model that places meaning at the heart of performance.
  • Director of Major Retailers Division
    I am especially proud to have contributed for numerous years towards the rise in organic agriculture in France, through developing the supply of products in major retailers.
  • Director of Specialist Stores Division
    My career plan? To leave behind a fairer, more prosperous and more fertile Earth. My passion? To bring together the challenges of Short and Long-term performance without compromising our daily activities.
  • Finance Director
    Over the years, my conviction that alternative foods and alternative agriculture are possible has been strengthened, particularly through seeing my children grow up, and through getting in touch with my roots, via my grandparents who are marker gardens in the Lyonnais region.
  • Managing Director
    What gets me out of bed in the morning? Ensuring the harmonious expansion of our enterprise's performance together with our societal values, without making any concessions!
  • Director of Transformation
    My mission is to anticipate the company’s great challenges and its environment because I’m confident that by changing our daily diet, we can change the world … so let’s accelerate change together ?!